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Calcium Nitride (Ca3N2)

Article source: admings     Time: 2015-05-27

Calcium Nitride (Ca3N2)

  Calcium Nitride (Ca3N2)

  The Calcium Nitride powder produced by Desunmet possesses the characteristics of high purity and uniform particle size distribution. Different Granularity can be provided according to users’ needs.

Calcium Nitride Powder Characteristics
Color Dark Red
Molecular weight 148.25

  Calcium Nitride (Ca3N2)--chemical composition and specifications

Product chemical composition (Wt**)
N C O Fe
Calcium Nitride (Ca3N2) 9.6 5ppm 0.2 10ppm
Purity(**) >99
Granularity(μm) Provided according to user’s needs

  Chemical properties:

  Met with water, Nitride calcium hydrolyzes to give calcium hydroxide and release ammonia. It dissolves in dilute acids, and decomposes in alcohol.
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