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The Rare-earth Luminescent Materials As The New Fulcrum

Article source: admings     Time: 2015-05-27

  The Rare-earth Luminescent Materials As The New Fulcrum

  White LED light source is green environmental protection and energy saving light source, the current mainly used white light generated from the InGaN ultra-high brightness blue chips and optical conversion efficiency of the combination of rare earth yellow and red phosphor compound, is regarded as synonymous with advanced technology and green lighting. As is known to all, as raw materials, the development of LED industry can not exist without rare earths.So, promotion the development of white LED faster and better and the improvement of the white LED are able to provide updates and greater market space for rare-earth luminescent materials.

  Actually white LED also has some deficiencies, but it will continue its vitality through optimizing. In recent years, the domestic production enterprises have received many good results in the development of white LED through technological progress. For example, gallium nitride substrates can solve the problem of white LED light conversion, improve the luminous efficiency and color rendering index, life cycle, safety reliability and the light color. The white LED chips, phosphor, encapsulation, dispensing, thermal management, the structure of the optical light distribution, electronic drives, lamps and lanterns, modular and intelligent dimming color control technology have got a comprehensive breakthrough.

  In white LED research and development production, rare earth luminescent material such as rare earth organic fluorescent dyes, the research and development of rare earth complexes, helps to solve the problem of the organic fluorescent material and the mixture of the electrodeless fluorescent material, perfectly embodies characteristics of the rare earth luminescent material for its low energy consumption and high quantum efficiency. Thus white LED light-emitting efficiency and quality of light have been improved. Rare earth doped aluminum nitride ceramic substrate, rare earth ceramic high heat conductivity thermal materials, high heat conductivity of rare earth alloy, rare earth aluminum magnesium alloy, rare earth copper aluminum magnesium alloy radiator, efficient thermal conductive nano glue, both can solve the problem of thermal management, and reduce the weight of the integration of white LED bulb type lamps and lanterns and the high power white LED street lamp and improve the oxidation resistance. The application of optical lens doped rare earth reduces the loss of the visible light transmission and light distribution...Many related technology, rare earth materials, devices, help white LED come out of the traditional LED limitation, adapt to the pace of consumer needs and age, so as to speed up the market promotion of the white LED.

  Application of white LED lighting products in light space is only the primary stage and the development of white LED lighting lamps and lanterns is faster and faster. It is understood that at present every three months emerges a new style of new pattern products. Along with the unceasingly deepening, practice, cognition, improvement, perception, and judgment, to assess the advantages and disadvantages of white LED lighting, generalisations are contrary to science, and are obstacles to development and truth from facts is our winning points in political and economic work. Around the world, in white LED, there is a long way for Chinas rare earth luminescent material to go and we believe the spring of white LED lighting industry will surely come.
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