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The Development Trend and Prospect of LED Substrate

Article source: admings     Time: 2015-05-27

  The Development Trend and Prospect of LED Substrate

  Current trend of the development of the LED products can be grasped from the power and size of LED products issued by large encapsulation LED companies recently. High power and small size of the LED product is currently the development focus, and using the radiating ceramic substrate as its LED grain cooling way. Therefore, radiating ceramic substrate at high power and small size on LED products structure has become a very important part.

  To improve the LED luminous efficiency and service life of LED products, heat dissipation problem is one of the most important subjects at this stage. The development of LED industry also focuses on high power, high brightness, small size. Therefore, its high heat resistance, precision size also become the future development trend in LED heat dissipation substrate. At this stage, aluminum nitride substrate instead of alumina substrate, or in the eutectic or flip chip process instead of the grain size of gold line/substrate combined way to improve the LED luminous efficiency has been the mainstream for the development. Under this development tendency, line registration accuracy requirements for heat dissipation substrate itself is extremely harsh, and high heat dissipation, small size, metal line adhesion characteristics are necessary.
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