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The Application of Structural Ceramics

Article source: admings     Time: 2015-05-27

  The Application of Structural Ceramics

  Structural ceramics is a new types of ceramic material which can exert its mechanical, thermal, chemical and other performance and can serve in many harsh working environment, thus it become the key point to the implementation of the many emerging science and technology.

  Space technology

  In the field of space technology, making spaceships need to be able to bear high temperature and temperature leaps, high strength, light weight and the longevity of structural materials and protective material. in this regard, structural ceramics holds an absolute advantage.From the first spaceship that using high temperature and low temperature heat shield, carbon - quartz composite ablative material has been successfully applied to launch and recover of artificial earth satellites. The future development of space technology will be more dependent on the application of new structural materials. Structural ceramics in this respect, especially ceramic matrix composites and carbon/carbon composites are much better than other materials.

  The application of high and new technology is the modern magic weapon for winning the war. In the aspect of the development of military industry, high performance structure ceramics has a pivotal role. The advanced subsonic aircraft, for example, its success or failure depends on structural ceramics with high toughness and high reliability, and fiber reinforcement applications of ceramic matrix composites.

  Optical communication industry

  Optical communication industry is currently one of the most rapidly developing high technology industry in the world and the world output has been more than $3 billion. Its such rapid development mainly depends on the fiber loss mechanism research and the use of optical fiber connector structure material. Fiber optic connectors and casing are successfully developed by using zirconia toughening ceramic materials with excellent performance and well meet the requirements of the development of optical communication industry in China.

  With the high densification and high power of the semiconductor devices, the development of integrated circuit manufacturing need to develop a new type of insulation thermal conductivity of fast substrate materials urgently. High thermal conductivity of aluminum nitride and silicon carbide substrate material generated in mid and late 80s gradually replace the traditional alumina substrate. In this area, high heat conductivity aluminum nitride ceramic is successfully developed with a thermal conductivity of 228 W/m * K and the performance is ranked among the top at home and abroad. Aluminum nitride - glass composite material has become a research hotspot in the field of contemporary electronic encapsulation materials. Its thermal conductivity is 5 to 10 times to alumina - glass with a sintering temperature within 1000°which can burn with wiring material such as silver and copper so as to create a good thermal and electrical multilayer wiring board.Aluminum nitride - glass composite materials have been developed with a thermal conductivity of 10.8 W/m * K, and occupies the leading position in the world and meet the requirements of miniaturization and densification of the large scale integrated circuit.
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