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  Located in Tieling high technology industry park, Liaoning Desunmet Special Ceramic Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of the ceramic materials.
  Since the establishment from 2002, Desunmet R&D Team has built and maintained a good relationship with many domestic famous institutions. All members uphold the team spirit of " honesty and trustworthiness, to forge ahead and innovate" ; keep the faith of " laying the foundation by science and leading life by technology" and practice the company service aim of "taking the customers as the center and striving for the development by quality". For more than one decade, our products have been upgraded continuously and improved dramaticlly in the performance and quality. The company is ranked at the the top position in the domestic markets. The products are mainly synthetic materials, such as aluminum nitride, titanium nitride, silicon nitride etc. In recent years, the company has introduced rare metal nitrides, such as magnesium nitride, calcium nitride,, strontium nitride and europium nitride etc. The products are widely used in the aviation, aerospace, electronics, phosphor powder, substrates, plastics, ceramics, batteries, rubber, solar energy and other high-tech fields. Hydrolysis resistant aluminum nitride researched and developed by the company has got recognized in the silicone and rubber fields, and won long-term cooperative relationship with many enterprises.
  Desunmet possesses a powerful R&D team which engages in the research, development and application of the synthetic materials and gathers over 10 postgraduates, doctoral students and senior professional representatives. Over the years, Desunmet has established its own science research station and professional laboratories to provide a good working environment. And the R&D colleagues live up to our expectations, they have got unanimous acclaims and many reputations successively. For production, to maintain the superior performance and guaranteed quality, Desunmet has adopted synthetic technology and manufacturing facilities to produce the high-qualified nitrides in industrial scale. For the cooperation in R&D, Desunmet has established a long-term cooperative relationship with Institute of Metal Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Materials Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Institute for Nonferrous Metal Research, National Iron and Steel Research Institute, Chengde Iron and Steel, Handan Iron and Steel, and many well-known universities and stepped forward to high technology and high quality by gathering strength.
  Recently, Desunmet has realized the mass production of nano aluminum nitride and filled the market vacancy. Look into the future, Desunmet is willing to work with customers hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, dedicated ourselves to the development of Chinas special ceramics industry, using technology and services to deliver value and achieve both you and me!
  Desunmet Experience
  In March 2015, Desunmet expanded the production workshop, optimized working environment, perfected the production facilities to improve the employee satisfaction and product quality assurance.
  In July 2014, Desunmet expanded the products depth of europium nitride and strontium nitride and produced the various range of purity to meet the various market needs.
  In May 2013, Desunmet introduced high-end production facilities, optimized production methods and earnestly fulfilled the slogan of "base the company on science and technology and strive for the development by quality".
  In July 2012, Desunmet researched and developed high-purity europium nitride and mass product it in process.
  In Feb. 2012, Desunmet made further breakthrough in the successful development of nano-aluminum nitride.
  In May 2011, Desunmet once again increased the AlN purity to over 99.9**, and added surface treatment process, reaching the international leading level.
  In May 2010, Desunmet introduced rare metal nitrides – magnesium nitride, calcium nitride, tungsten nitride, strontium nitride, zirconium nitride and other products.
  In Dec. 2008, Desunmet nitride products gradually opened up foreign markets, and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other regions.
  In Dec. 2008, Desunmet nitride products gradually opened up foreign markets, and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other regions.
  In Dec. 2008, Desunmet nitride products gradually opened up foreign markets, and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other regions.
  In Jan. 2006, Desunmet researched and developed high-purity titanium nitride, high-purity silicon nitride, and high-purity molybdenum disilicide series.
  In May 2005, Desunmet strengthened R & D efforts, and attracted high-level technical personnel to set up R & D department. The technology-oriented business philosophy was established.
  In Oct. 2003, the companys products were further expanded. In cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Desunmet sucessfully researched and developed aluminum nitride.
  In Sep. 2002, Desunmet Ceramics Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established, mainly producing and selling the a-phase silicon nitride.
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